A Visit from a Kami

Kami come from the Japanese religion Shinto. If you want to know more, check out The Twisted Rope Blog by clicking the only link here.

I had a weird dream Thanksgiving night, yet it left me feeling renewed and refreshed when I woke up. A Japanese Goddess greeted me in a huge hall. She let me scream at her and when I couldn’t she let me throw her around. When I was done, she handed me a blank mask and sad that I had a second chance. I realized later that she was letting me vent. I had been feeling sad and depressed lately. I was keeping everything bottled up, which isn’t healthy. I still don’t knw what she meant by second chance, nor do I know the name of the Goddess who helped me. I’m grateful to her and would love to thank her! So far all I remember about her is her long black hair and that she had something on her forehead.

I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving night, but I hope she comes back to visit me soon. I would like to work with her. Ever since that night, I have felt relieved, like a big weight has been lifted. The only other thing that I remember about the dream is that I had to throw a rope out to whoever I has supposed to be with. Each end had a loop on it. One was on my wrist and the other was in hers. When I saw her she felt kind and caring, but looked regal.

What offerings should I give her? Well I asked Devo and she said “As for offerings, the standard Shinto offerings are rice, water, sake, salt. You can offer other foods- stick with things that are simple, healthy and not overly smelly :3” I have since offered her water and some cranberry bread. Also, I have made a makeshift shrine, since I can’t afford to purchase a real one ( they run from $250-$650).


My makeshift Shrine. The gold, shiny cloth is covering a badly stained wooden shelf. And the green leaf cloth is cover big the badly stained inside of the shallow box. Since I can’t buy a shrine, this is my attempt at mimicking one. The whole idea behind it, is to make the Kami who helped me to feel more at home. I might be missing something, so if I am, please let me know! And yes, I know that I haven’t been active on here, but I’ve been swamped with both school and my part time job.

Blessed be,
Autumn SilverMoon


6 thoughts on “A Visit from a Kami

  1. I figured it would be easiest to leave a response here 😛
    I think so long as you’re trying your best- that is what is most important. Kamidana are expensive- yes. But if you don’t have an active ofuda of the kami in question, it’s almost a little pointless to have a kamidana. You can get fairly inexpensive, simple ofuda holders from Tsubaki Jinja, but if you’re not sure who the kami was- it’s hard to get an ofuda 😉
    Traditionally, Kami like to alight in high up places. So if you can keep your shrine/altar a little higher, that is ideal. Before ofuda and all of that, kami liked to alight on thin, tall things. Trees, banners, poles, spears, tall stones. Anything phallic in shape, honestly. So if you wanted something without an ofuda, you could try to find something local that calls to you- a particular stone or branch, maybe a small potted tree… something like that. Keep it up high, and place that mirror of yours in front of it. Or, you could purchase a shimenawa to put around that item.
    Also, Kami are known for their cleanliness. SO make sure you keep the shrine area clean. That is super important. More so than anything else.
    Sincerity is the most important aspect of Shinto. So long as you’re trying your best and approaching with sincerity, that is what matters.

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