A New Beginning

I’ve been looking into Shinto mainly as a way to help me get closer to the Goddess who helped in November of last year. However after talking to Aine Rayne I decided to try something new.

She suggested that I write a description of a place I want to be in my dream in detail or write about meeting with a Goddess, since we’re both writers it made since. (I am not a published author, sorry.) I described a room inside a palace or a temple, that was Asian in design, from the colors, to the furniture, to the materials, and the designs. I described the heck out of that room! However I also wrote down the topics that I wanted to her about, over some tea and mochi of course, and it worked. However, I don’t remember the dream. All I remember is walking up and saying a name. When I realized what I was saying I stopped talking. It was weird, my mouth was moving but no sound came out. Instead I was saying the name silently, no wonder it took me so long to realize what I was saying.

I was saying Amaterasu. Now all I have to do is meet with her again and hopefully remember our meeting this time. I really want to know why she helped me back then? Why she attached a rope from my wrist to hers? I have so many questions for her that I don’t know where to begin.

All of this did inspire me to fix up the Shinto shrine in my room.


I made the shide (the white zigzag papers) and the rope that they are hung from. The rope is supposed to be made from twisted straw, but I don’t have access to straw. Instead, I used some cotton string. However, a Shinto shrine is supposed to face South or East, because that is the direction that the doors must open. Mine faces to the west. Since I don’t have an actual kamidana (shrine) is this ok? When I find the answer, I will let all of you know what it is.