Pic from: Love of the Goddess

The Goddess Skadi, pronounced SKAHD-ee, was unknown to me when I first came across her statue. When I first saw it, I thought that it was the most beautiful but unusual Christmas ornamen that I ever saw. Yes, I said Christmas ornament. At first I thought the lady might be The goddess Figga or Freya but neither of them have a white owl with or are associated with one. I went through everything I could find either in libraries or on the internet until I came across this pic with the name Skadi. 

Skadi is known as the Goddess of winter, the Goddess of the Hunt, the Snowshoe Goddess, as well as a dark goddess. She is dipicted as light blue skinned with icy colored hair, which me makes her look a female version of Jack Frost. However, I see her with pale skin and dark colored hair. She’s always dressed warmly in furs and has either a bow or spear with at all times. 

Her animal companion is unknown, but she does have one. Some say she travels with a wolf, but considering how wolfs are viewed, aka Fenrir, I doubt it. In the pictures I have seen of her online her animal companion is a polar bear. However, she is known to have loved in the mountains so I doubt the polar bear could make it up that high. To me, her animal companion is a snowy owl. It can help her hunt, and it can easily travel, or fly, up a mountain.

Lately, we have been getting a lot snow and during today’s storm, I managed to talk to Skadi. She refused to talk about why it is snowing in Spring, instead she told me to listen. Apparently, I need to learn something from her. What I heard was that I need to get out more, I need to observe, to listen, I need to get my head out of the “square boxes” aka the computer and the TV. In other words, I need to go back to my roots, to nature. “You are imbalanced,” she told me, “Find the balance and everything will fall into place.” 

I’m not sure where my imbalance is, or how to correct it, but I will try. Wish me luck guys!  


Still Alive

While I am still alive physically, I feel that spiritually I am not doing so well. Set has gone on one of his journeys an hasn’t been back. The other Gods and Goddesses have also wandered off. While I am used to them coming and going in life, I have been not seen or heard from one since I first realized that I was a pagan. This is very scary for me, and I am not sure what to do. Have I angered them in some way? What should I do? 

How I see the God Set

the god Set

When Set first came into my life, I didn’t know it was him because he was looking straight at me. I first thought that he was Anubis and Set didn’t like that. He huffed and turned sideways. It was then that I realized that who he was. Now whenever I see him, he is looking at me sideways, before looking straight at me. I think he’s pouting over the fact that I didn’t recognize him. It’s cute. Set is growling at me now. Apparently he doesn’t like being called cute. This is the first time that I have heard him. Normally he just looks at me and expects me to know what he wants. But I never do.

I have seen Set a few times and whenever I do, he never acts and lives up to the picture that has been painted by the many texts that I have read. To me, Set is like an over protective big brother, who doesn’t take any shit from his little sister, or any other family member. Since I am the oldest and since I don’t have any brothers, just one little sister, I actually like the idea of having an older brother.

I have noticed one thing though. Set doesn’t like my sister’s cat. He avoids her. Maybe it’s due to the fact that Bast is watching over and protecting me. But he doesn’t like Mattie in the bathroom. Whenever they are in bathroom together, Mattie sticks close to the tub and Set practically hugs the door. (And he’s growling at me again. Sorry Set.) But I do know that he is also watching over an protecting me. Almost like a knight or bodyguard. I just don’t know what he is protecting me from.

My relationship is complicated. I feel like he is working with Bast in protecting but unlike Bast, Set is impatience. But after I saw the two of them arguing over something. Set is little more kind and patient with me. He now gestures when he wants me to do something, instead of just staring at me. However, in order for me to see him, I have to close my eyes. When I do, he’s a black silhouette whose edges glow. When he looks straight at me, the edges of his face glow as well.

I am looking forward to working with Set, but I wish that he would talk to me, in a way that I can hear him.

When I meet with, or get a visit from a God, Goddess, or Kami, I never have a preconceived notion of they should act, talk, or move. I may heard their name before, but I still have to research them. I don’t know what they are in charge of, or anything like that. I hope that this post helps someone.

A New Beginning

I’ve been looking into Shinto mainly as a way to help me get closer to the Goddess who helped in November of last year. However after talking to Aine Rayne I decided to try something new.

She suggested that I write a description of a place I want to be in my dream in detail or write about meeting with a Goddess, since we’re both writers it made since. (I am not a published author, sorry.) I described a room inside a palace or a temple, that was Asian in design, from the colors, to the furniture, to the materials, and the designs. I described the heck out of that room! However I also wrote down the topics that I wanted to her about, over some tea and mochi of course, and it worked. However, I don’t remember the dream. All I remember is walking up and saying a name. When I realized what I was saying I stopped talking. It was weird, my mouth was moving but no sound came out. Instead I was saying the name silently, no wonder it took me so long to realize what I was saying.

I was saying Amaterasu. Now all I have to do is meet with her again and hopefully remember our meeting this time. I really want to know why she helped me back then? Why she attached a rope from my wrist to hers? I have so many questions for her that I don’t know where to begin.

All of this did inspire me to fix up the Shinto shrine in my room.


I made the shide (the white zigzag papers) and the rope that they are hung from. The rope is supposed to be made from twisted straw, but I don’t have access to straw. Instead, I used some cotton string. However, a Shinto shrine is supposed to face South or East, because that is the direction that the doors must open. Mine faces to the west. Since I don’t have an actual kamidana (shrine) is this ok? When I find the answer, I will let all of you know what it is.


In a previous post, I talked about a Japanese Goddess aka Kami coming to me in a dream. She helped me to let go of all of the rage that I had accumulated over many years. Well I think I now know who this Kami/Goddess was. Her name is Amaterasu. She is the Kami of the Sun and is the only (at least as far as I know) only female sun Goddess.

Now I know that many people play games and when they hear Amaterasu they think of “Ammy” from Okami. Originally, I did as well since I also play that game. However, I no longer see her in that form. Instead I see her as this.


Pic came from here.

I am currently researching her and trying to continue working with her. I will post more info as it comes.

Learning to feel good about myself


Pic came from here.

I’m not quite sure what to call this little idea that popped into my head this morning, but I’ll try anyway. I guess you could call it banishment, but it’s banishing negative thoughts and feelings that I have about myself. I will do this by writing down every negative feeling/thought I have about myself. I will then tear up and burn this page(s). When to burn/destroy the page(s) of negativity is something that needs to be figured you still. However I will also write down 1-2 good qualities that I have for every bad one that I write. I will post more info on this as it happens. Also, the whole idea behind this is to get rid of the bad and let in the good so that I can gain confidence, because I don’t have any right now.

I am also open to any ideas that any of you have.

I have just started doing this and. I already feel like a weights been lifted from my shoulders.

A Visit from a Kami

Kami come from the Japanese religion Shinto. If you want to know more, check out The Twisted Rope Blog by clicking the only link here.

I had a weird dream Thanksgiving night, yet it left me feeling renewed and refreshed when I woke up. A Japanese Goddess greeted me in a huge hall. She let me scream at her and when I couldn’t she let me throw her around. When I was done, she handed me a blank mask and sad that I had a second chance. I realized later that she was letting me vent. I had been feeling sad and depressed lately. I was keeping everything bottled up, which isn’t healthy. I still don’t knw what she meant by second chance, nor do I know the name of the Goddess who helped me. I’m grateful to her and would love to thank her! So far all I remember about her is her long black hair and that she had something on her forehead.

I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving night, but I hope she comes back to visit me soon. I would like to work with her. Ever since that night, I have felt relieved, like a big weight has been lifted. The only other thing that I remember about the dream is that I had to throw a rope out to whoever I has supposed to be with. Each end had a loop on it. One was on my wrist and the other was in hers. When I saw her she felt kind and caring, but looked regal.

What offerings should I give her? Well I asked Devo and she said “As for offerings, the standard Shinto offerings are rice, water, sake, salt. You can offer other foods- stick with things that are simple, healthy and not overly smelly :3” I have since offered her water and some cranberry bread. Also, I have made a makeshift shrine, since I can’t afford to purchase a real one ( they run from $250-$650).


My makeshift Shrine. The gold, shiny cloth is covering a badly stained wooden shelf. And the green leaf cloth is cover big the badly stained inside of the shallow box. Since I can’t buy a shrine, this is my attempt at mimicking one. The whole idea behind it, is to make the Kami who helped me to feel more at home. I might be missing something, so if I am, please let me know! And yes, I know that I haven’t been active on here, but I’ve been swamped with both school and my part time job.

Blessed be,
Autumn SilverMoon