Part time job and Set

the god Set

Sorry about the disappearing act. I just recently got a part time job so I’ve been pretty busy with that. About the picture of Set, he’s there because I’ve been seeing him lately. However, he’s been giving me the silent treatment. So all I get from him is him either looking at me or away from me. So once I know/figure out what he wants from me I’ll let you guys know. However this might take awhile since I’ll be classes start on the 28th of this month. So that’s all for now!

Blessed be,
Autumn SilverMoon


Feline Power Animal

Black Panther


I know that many of you are going crazy because of the title. You’re probably thinking that I’ve lost it, that no such think exists. Well you’re wrong. It does exist, and it can be found in The Enchanted Cat: Feline Fascinations, Spells & Magick by Ellen Dugan. At first I thought that I made a mistake, sense I did the guided meditation by myself. However, after I re-read the info about the Black Panther it made sense. I keep saying that I’m going to get my act together and exercise. I also say that I’m going to finish writing the stories that I’ve started. But I never do. Also, it was the only cat that mentioned swimming, which I LOVE doing. If I had a swimming pool of my own, I’d never get out of it.

The power comes along with having the Black Panther as a power animal is Psychometry. Which basically means that you can sense or see bits and pieces of the past by simply touching an object, person, or photograph. Not sure if I have this ability, so I’m going to do the exercise and see what happens. There are a lot of other felines in this book, here are a few: Tiger, Lynx, Bobcat and more. You should really read the book, even if you don’t have a cat of your own. It helped me, and it can help you.

Hopefully, with the Black Panther by my side, I can whip myself into shape. (she’s already doing so, but I should also start exercising). To me she’s a motivator, telling me to get moving, and to stop procrastinating (which is something that I always do. I’m trying to stop this habit, so wish me luck). She’s also telling me to find and accept my true power. Which is easier said than done. I don’t know what my true power is. Well, that might not be true.

You see, I have on two separate occasions, acted weird. When I was younger, I would always refuse to get into my dad’s truck. One day however, I decided to get it, and adamantly refused to get into my mom’s car. We were almost home, I believe, when I started to say “mommy hurt! mommy hurt!” Dad said no, but she was. She was in a car accident. Now before start sobbing, my mom is alive. She’s a teacher and is teaching a fourth grade COACH program. She teachers autistic kids, who are high functioning and non-autistic kids, who act as mentors for them.

The second occasion was when I was older. I was in high school and on my way to swim practice. All of a sudden, I stopped, turned to my sister and said, “mo gar thu”, which means “I love you” in Gaelic/Irish. Not only did it freak me out, but it also freaked out my sister, my mom and my dad. We stood there for a bit and then my mom and I left. Turns out, if I hadn’t said that, I would have been on Main Street when the man hole covers blew. If that wasn’t bad enough, scalding hot water went everywhere. It sent two teammates to the hospital and Main Street was closed for a while.

Now I’m not sure what you would call this, but it is an ability. I just never know when it’s going to happen or activate. Maybe its called Intuition?


Samhain (pronounced Sowan) is better known today as Halloween. Over the years, its had many names, one of them was All Hallows Eve, and that was shortened, over many years, to Halloween. However, what are its origins? One of them is Samhain, the Celtic New Year.

The Celtic New Year is when the vale between the living, the dead and the world of the fae (fairy) is thin. Spirits of the dead wander the earth, some nice and others not so nice. The Celts dressed up in costumes, to hide them selves from the evil spirits who wanted to live again. Carrying carved turnips (and I’ve heard that they also carved cabbages) to light their way at night. Its gets so dark there, that you cannot see your hand in front of your face, and you do not want to fall into a ditch (it gets super cold really fast, I’ve been in Ireland, so I know) cause you’ll be there till morning. The faces carved into these vegetables was supposed to scare away these ghosts and the mischievous fairies.

The fairies or the good people, came out at this time to have “fun” (aka cause trouble) and to punish anyone who wronged them. Wearing costumes meant that they couldn’t find you, and leaving offerings of food at their homes meant that they would ignore you that night and maybe, maybe forgive you for whatever wrong you did them.

So this explains the costumes at Halloween, but what where did the candy and the pumpkin come from?

When the Irish came to America, the turnip was expensive, and the pumpkin was cheap. That and, it was plentiful and much easier to carve. The candy however, is from Scotland (or so I’ve read). So put these together, add the in the mischief and the victorian era (i think) and you’ve got Halloween.

Since my dad grew up in Ireland, we don’t celebrate Halloween with all of the weird and gory decorations. When me and my sister were younger, we had the pumpkin, and we’d carve it. We wouldn’t light a candle in it, cause mom would make pumpkin muffins and the seeds were baked. We had lights in the windows, and paper decorations hung in the windows depicting witches, ghosts and the jack o’lantern. We hung an old witch costume on the door, (no one could wear it cause it was too small). Now however, no more pumpkin (no time to bake or carve), and the decorations are buried somewhere in the cellar. The street that we are on now, is not a major traffic area, like our old one, so we never get any trick or treaters (hence no more decorating, we live on a dead end). I still dress up, and eat the candy that my dad always buys for some weird reason.

So yes, we pagans can dress up in costumes and celebrate this Holiday/Sabbat in any way that we choose. So get out there, decorate and have fun!

The God

Throughout the years, the God has not been forgotten or changed because he had a role that wasn’t ‘suited’ to him. He is the Lord, the consort to the Lady, he is the sun to her moon. While reading about many Gods (and Goddesses) I noticed that as we learned more, we would force the God to take on roles that were held by a Goddess. One of these roles, I believe, was that of the sun (I forget which culture this is from, sorry.). Also, when Christianity came around to convert the ‘pagan heathens’ they were having a rough time of it. So over their many travels all over the world, they found a Babylonian God (heard this part on a National Geographic Special, and yet again I forget the name. I saw it years ago, sorry.) and didn’t like him. I think he had horns, or cloven feet. So when they came to Ireland and other Celtic countries and saw Cernunnos they got an idea. They put Cernunnos and the Babylonian God together, the result, Satan aka Lucifer. Don’t you just love converting people now? Also, if you want to know where Christianity was at a certain time, just look at the holidays. The holidays are all based off of old Pagan ones. Why? It made converting the “Pagan Heathens’ easier. Now enough of the history lesson, which I’ve gathered from TV shows, friends and family over the years. (Parts of what has been mentioned earlier may not be right, since its all from memory. You have been warned.) If you want to learn more about The God and his various forms please read:

The Witches’ God By: Stewart Farrar and Janet Farrar
An excellent book that talks about Gods from all over the world.

Now the God I started out with was Cernunnos. Just like with the first Goddess, Brighid (Brigid, Brigit, or Brid), I started to feel very warm. However, I never really asked Cernunnos for help, because he confused me. I tried to understand him, but no luck. As I sit here typing this I’m desperately trying to understand him, desperately trying to figure what his job. So when I felt the need to look at the book again, see above picture, I was happy to do so. The God I got next was Thoth or Djeheuty (pronounced Tehuti) (Te hoot ee or Te hoo tie or Te Ho Teh). I was thrilled to say the least. Why? Well unlike Brhighid and Cernunnos, Thoth and Ma’at are a couple (they are each others consort). Also, Thoth is the god of wisdom, inventor of writing, patron of scribes and the divine mediator. I love to write stories, and when I hit a writers I take a break for a while before asking for his help. After doing more research, I learned more about him and grew to like him more and more.


Sure his head is that of an Ibis and he has the body of a man and he’s an ancient Egyptian God but I DON’T CARE! He works of me, I understand him. Thoth and Ma’at have always been there for me. Whenever I ask for help they answer me as best they can, even though the only offerings I can give them is my eternal thanks and a small bowl of water. I guess what I’m trying to say is this. You know your God and Goddess better than anyone, and so you know what they will and will not accept as offerings. So do your research, get to know your deities and be yourself.

Thoth or Djeheuty (pronounced Tehuti) (Te hoot ee or Te hoo tie or Te Ho Teh)

That’s all for now. Blessed be to all who come. Only love shall enter and only love shall leave.

Autumn SilverMoon

Mabon/Autumn Equinox

And before you ask, no this isn’t my house. I was taking a walk and loved how it looked, how it screamed fall is here. That I took a picture of it, and then decided to share it with all of you.

I know, know. The next post was supposed to be about The Gods, but I’ve been so busy decorating and trying to understand Mabon that I’ve decided to make it the next post. Up until recently I’ve  always found it hard to tell Lughnasadh/Lammas and Mabon apart. However, after some research (and talking to friends) I know how to tell them apart. Lammas gets you worked for the harvest season. It gets you to reflect on what you’ve done so far, and to figure out what you need to do to harvest what you’ve done so far. Example: projects, and the like. Mabon on the other hand, is when you harvest your projects, your plans, and it is also a time to give thanks. If you want to differentiate between these two Sabbats, then you can think of Mabon as the Witch’s Thanksgiving.

For decorations, all you have to do is either browse the aisles of stores that sell them or just look to nature. I’ve found Acorns, pine cones, and some red/pinkish colored berries. I put them in a bowl and put the bigger pine cones around the bowl and I’m done! I also have a pumpkin made from grapevines in the living room. Some leaf shaped plates scattered around the first floor. A bowl filled with fakes leaves and miscellaneous hollow plastic gourds sits in the kitchen. My next project  consists of figuring out how to make “Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones” because well I’ve been seeing them stores, a lot. Since I have no money, and I know that my parents won’t buy them. Why not make them, right? So far I’ve found two recipes. One calls for oil, while the other has three recipes as well some tips. How To Make Scented Pine Cones With Essential Oils and Easy Homemade Scented Pine Cones RecipeTo me, cinnamon reminds me of fall, because goes well with apples, and since pine cones are only seen in fall, this whole idea makes sense to me.

It may not look pretty, but I’m not a professional decorator. The big pine cones need a new home, now that I think about it.

To me the black pot looks like an overgrown cauldron. Found this one while taking a walk, I love the colors in the pot, its fallish!

So get creative this Mabon. If you’re lucky, you just might find some decorations that you can leave up till November! That’s all for now. Blessed be to all who come. Only love shall enter and only love shall leave.

Autumn SilverMoon

The Goddess

Over the years, the Goddess has been worshipped, forgotten and discovered all over again. At one point in time, she was almost eradicated, but held on in the form of Isis. This was the point in time, when Christianity was gaining power. After years of trying to get rid of Isis, and failing every time (way to go Isis!), they decided to absorb her. The result? The Virgin Mary was born, or was given a bigger a role. If you want to learn more about this or just want to learn more about the many faces and aspects of the Goddess. Please read:

An excellent book that tells about Goddesses from all over the world.


I heard about this book, from a friend in P.L.A.C.E.S. it was around the time that I first joined the group. I remember asking her, how she knew which Goddess and God were the ones for her. What she told me, I will now tell you, because even though I have switched Goddesses, it has always rang true for me. “I just skimmed the names until one jumped out at me.” You see, at the back of this book, there is a list of Goddesses. It tells where they come from, and what they worshiped for.

For me, no name “jumped out” I just started to feel very warm when I got to the name of my second Goddess. I mainly the Goddess herself, but I do worship the other aspects of her. I ask them and her for guidance or what ever I need, for I know that she is very busy. Anyway, that is how Brighid (Brigid, Brigit, or Brid) came into my life. She’s an Irish Goddess who’s  the Goddess of Fertility, inspiration, and many other things if you do a google search. But they all agree on one thing, and that’s this. She’s the daughter of The Dagda and is often called ‘the poetess’. If you know about the Triple Goddess, then Brigid can be put into the Triple Goddess aspect. Also, if you know about St. Bridget, then you know about the Goddess Brigid. For they are the one and the same, or so I’ve read.

A great site to visit is Encyclopedia Mythica but don’t restrict your searches to just online ones. Your local Library is always a great place to visit, because reading books won’t ruin your eyesight the way a monitor can. Reading books is also a great way to look all scholarly and its also a great way to get in touch with the past and with people. Reading the written word has been done for as long as we remember, or read. And I hate to think that actual books are going out of style, I love the way a book feels and I love how the pages sound as I turn them. Books will be around for a lot longer than or I will. But I digress, sorry about that.

Another great site to visit is The Witche’s Voice or more commonly known at WitchVox. Here you can find a group(s) that follow the same path that you might go down or are already following. I found a kemetic group that is near me, with help from a friend. When I contacted the group, the leader (at least I think she’s the leader) was kind of to help me and answer my questions even though I am not a member. I still ask her for help now then and she always helps me. I will put up a new page that will have all kinds of useful links on later today, so be on the look out for it.

A year or so later I had this gut feeling that Brigid was no longer the Goddess that I needed. So I asked a friend and she confirmed that as people change, so do their God and Goddess. I flipped through the book once more and when I got to Ma’at’s name I bolted straight up and was very, very warm. This feeling was knew to me, and frankly so was Ma’at.


Now as I said in an earlier post, I also worship Bast. However, I didn’t find her. She found me. It was while I was doing homework, and I was in major panic mode. A lot was going on in my life at that point, and the last thing I wanted to do was homework. Dorm rooms are very small, so I had piled all of the books that I needed to do my Graphic Design/Typography homework on it. I leaned my elbows against the desk and glanced over at the huge pile. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a black cat walk out of one wall into another. The first thing that went through my head was “Bast.” I felt very warm, comforted, and relaxed. So I went back to my homework.

A minute later, I realized something. Cats can’t walk out of walls, and then back into them. Also, this can’t didn’t have a shadow and on top that it was the forth floor another dorm building. Like all dorms, no pets are allowed except fish. My mind screaming “You’re seeing things! Go eat dinner!” It was almost midnight and I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch, but I ignored my brain and listened to my gut. I knew that Bast had come to me in the only form that she knew I would see. Since that day she has had a place on my alter. I will forever be grateful to her.



I also had an experience with Ma’at, but at the time, I didn’t know that it was Ma’at. You see I had just met her and Bast, so I couldn’t tell them apart. I was heading down to the living room, to go on my laptop. I had just started to go down the last three steps when I saw a figure dressed in white on my front porch. At the same time I smelled a very strong floral scent. And like last time, the first name that flashed in my mind was Ma’at, but it was more like a question, then a realization. I knew that no one was on my front porch, and that there was nothing white on there either. Also no one in my house wears perfume. So I knew that I had to be either Ma’at or Bast.  Only now, years later have I realized that it was Ma’at. She was telling me, proudly. “I am here.” And I have no problem with that.

Now the thing with Goddesses is that they have a consort or partner. And more often than not, you will also worship that God. But sometimes you might be torn between two of them, like I was. But I will save the Gods for another post. Why? Cause Bast and Ma’at (mostly Bast) are glaring at me. You see Bast loves to have fresh water everyday, and I don’t blame her. I am often running late in the mornings, and when that happens, time isn’t on my side. So changing the water isn’t on the top of my list. So I just spritz some perfume a few times and promise to change it later. It works for me, because the Ma’at, Bast and Thoth are very understanding. But that’s how I view and understand them.

To me, Bast is a mother, and sister all rolled into one and put inside a feline’s body. However, I never forget that Bast can be just as mean, as she is kind. She was once had a lions form I believe. So here’s some advice, never, ever forget that Goddesses are just like us. They two can get pretty angry and vengeful at times.

That’s all for now. Blessed be to all who come. Only love shall enter and only love shall leave.

Autumn SilverMoon


Welcome and blessed be

My name is Autumn SilverMoon, and I am a witch. In this day and age, the word witch still has many evil connotations attached to it. Most of these connotations I never heard of when I was younger, but that I’ve heard of them I can’t believe how stupid they sound. Even though I call myself a witch, I do not follow Wicca. There are many paths in paganism, and figuring out which one is right for you can be a difficult decision. The path that I choose, is a mixture of things. After seeing the book “HedgeWitch: Spells, Crafts & Rituals For Natural Magick” by Silver RavenWolf, I knew that I had to get it. I read it from cover to cover and something inside clicked.  So I guess that my path is called, “Eclectic” even though I consider myself to be a Hedge Witch. You see, I worship Bast, Thoth and Ma’at in addition to the God and Goddess. Deciding to listen to my heart and become a pagan wasn’t an easy choice, but once I made it, I felt complete.

I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic, was an alter server for years, and attended a Catholic school until high school. When I became a senior, I believe, I realized that there was a huge empty hole inside of me. Attending mass and praying to God, wasn’t filling that hole. It seemed that no matter how hard I prayed, my prayers were never heard. All of that changed the day I saw a flyer for P.L.A.C.E.S. What caught my eye was the celtic symbol on the half hidden flyer. After digging it out from underneath numerous flyers, I jotted down the email address and later that day e-mailed the group. Turns out that sending that e-mail was the best thing I ever done. That group helped me through many things without realizing it, they allowed me to be myself. Even though the presidents have changed, that group still has that welcoming atmosphere, even though we are the loudest group. I shall, no matter what, keep in contact with P.L.A.C.E.S. or P.E.S. as it is now called.

Now that I am a pagan, or witch, that hole is now filled. I feel more connected, and less concerned about trying to be something that I’m not. As I follow this path, I know that my learning is never done. I have not, and will never claim to be master about anything that I do or talk about on this blog. I will forever be a student and will remain open for anything that the God and Goddess want to teach me.

Blessed be to all who come. Only love shall enter and only love shall leave.

Autumn SilverMoon