Learning to feel good about myself


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I’m not quite sure what to call this little idea that popped into my head this morning, but I’ll try anyway. I guess you could call it banishment, but it’s banishing negative thoughts and feelings that I have about myself. I will do this by writing down every negative feeling/thought I have about myself. I will then tear up and burn this page(s). When to burn/destroy the page(s) of negativity is something that needs to be figured you still. However I will also write down 1-2 good qualities that I have for every bad one that I write. I will post more info on this as it happens. Also, the whole idea behind this is to get rid of the bad and let in the good so that I can gain confidence, because I don’t have any right now.

I am also open to any ideas that any of you have.

I have just started doing this and. I already feel like a weights been lifted from my shoulders.