How I see the God Set

the god Set

When Set first came into my life, I didn’t know it was him because he was looking straight at me. I first thought that he was Anubis and Set didn’t like that. He huffed and turned sideways. It was then that I realized that who he was. Now whenever I see him, he is looking at me sideways, before looking straight at me. I think he’s pouting over the fact that I didn’t recognize him. It’s cute. Set is growling at me now. Apparently he doesn’t like being called cute. This is the first time that I have heard him. Normally he just looks at me and expects me to know what he wants. But I never do.

I have seen Set a few times and whenever I do, he never acts and lives up to the picture that has been painted by the many texts that I have read. To me, Set is like an over protective big brother, who doesn’t take any shit from his little sister, or any other family member. Since I am the oldest and since I don’t have any brothers, just one little sister, I actually like the idea of having an older brother.

I have noticed one thing though. Set doesn’t like my sister’s cat. He avoids her. Maybe it’s due to the fact that Bast is watching over and protecting me. But he doesn’t like Mattie in the bathroom. Whenever they are in bathroom together, Mattie sticks close to the tub and Set practically hugs the door. (And he’s growling at me again. Sorry Set.) But I do know that he is also watching over an protecting me. Almost like a knight or bodyguard. I just don’t know what he is protecting me from.

My relationship is complicated. I feel like he is working with Bast in protecting but unlike Bast, Set is impatience. But after I saw the two of them arguing over something. Set is little more kind and patient with me. He now gestures when he wants me to do something, instead of just staring at me. However, in order for me to see him, I have to close my eyes. When I do, he’s a black silhouette whose edges glow. When he looks straight at me, the edges of his face glow as well.

I am looking forward to working with Set, but I wish that he would talk to me, in a way that I can hear him.

When I meet with, or get a visit from a God, Goddess, or Kami, I never have a preconceived notion of they should act, talk, or move. I may heard their name before, but I still have to research them. I don’t know what they are in charge of, or anything like that. I hope that this post helps someone.