Pic from: Love of the Goddess

The Goddess Skadi, pronounced SKAHD-ee, was unknown to me when I first came across her statue. When I first saw it, I thought that it was the most beautiful but unusual Christmas ornamen that I ever saw. Yes, I said Christmas ornament. At first I thought the lady might be The goddess Figga or Freya but neither of them have a white owl with or are associated with one. I went through everything I could find either in libraries or on the internet until I came across this pic with the name Skadi. 

Skadi is known as the Goddess of winter, the Goddess of the Hunt, the Snowshoe Goddess, as well as a dark goddess. She is dipicted as light blue skinned with icy colored hair, which me makes her look a female version of Jack Frost. However, I see her with pale skin and dark colored hair. She’s always dressed warmly in furs and has either a bow or spear with at all times. 

Her animal companion is unknown, but she does have one. Some say she travels with a wolf, but considering how wolfs are viewed, aka Fenrir, I doubt it. In the pictures I have seen of her online her animal companion is a polar bear. However, she is known to have loved in the mountains so I doubt the polar bear could make it up that high. To me, her animal companion is a snowy owl. It can help her hunt, and it can easily travel, or fly, up a mountain.

Lately, we have been getting a lot snow and during today’s storm, I managed to talk to Skadi. She refused to talk about why it is snowing in Spring, instead she told me to listen. Apparently, I need to learn something from her. What I heard was that I need to get out more, I need to observe, to listen, I need to get my head out of the “square boxes” aka the computer and the TV. In other words, I need to go back to my roots, to nature. “You are imbalanced,” she told me, “Find the balance and everything will fall into place.” 

I’m not sure where my imbalance is, or how to correct it, but I will try. Wish me luck guys!